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Health benefits of Moringa Oleifera: The Most Nutritious Plant On Earth

Moringa greens (leaves) are an excellent source of protein that can be rare feature for any herbs and green leafy vegetables in the plant kingdom. 100 g of fresh raw leaves provide 9.8 g of protein or about 17.5% of daily-required levels. Dry, powdered leaves indeed are a much-concentrated source of many quality amino acids.

Fresh pods and seeds are a good source of oleic acid, a health-benefiting monounsaturated fat. Moringa, as high-quality oilseed crop.

Fresh leaves and growing tips of moringa are the richest source of vitamin A. 100 g of fresh leaves 7564 IU or 252% of daily-required levels! Vitamin A is one of the fat-soluble anti-oxidant offering several benefits, including mucus membrane repair, maintenance of skin integrity, vision, and immunity.

Fresh moringa pods and leaves are an excellent sources of vitamin-C. 100 g of pods contain 145 µg or 235% of daily-required levels of vitamin C. 100 g of greens provide 51.7 µg or 86% of daily-recommended intake values of this vitamin. Research studies have shown that consumption of fruits/vegetables rich in vitamin C helps the body develop immunity against infectious agents, and scavenge harmful oxygen-free radicals from the body.

The greens as well as pods also contain good amounts of many vital B-complex vitamins such as folates, vitamin-B6 (pyridoxine), thiamin (vitamin B-1), riboflavin, pantothenic acid, and niacin. Much of these vitamin functions as co-enzymes in carbohydrate, protein, and fat metabolism.

Furthermore, its greens (leaves) are one of the fine sources of minerals like calcium, iron, copper, manganese, zinc, selenium, and magnesium. Iron alleviates anemia. Calcium is required for bone strengthening. Zinc plays a vital role in hair-growth, spermatogenesis, and skin health.

- Helps the body to fight chronic infections e.g. Asthma, cancer, Allergies, Blood Sugar, Stroke, Tumor, Diabetes etc.

- Boosts immunity and speeds recovery


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By Austine on 20 June 2015

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