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    The use of Plants for the treatment of diseases is universal. We all know people were living in various parts of Africa long before the arrival of the early European explorers and missionaries. It is true that these people together with their animals got sick from time to time and their source of healing was plant medicine. Even today when many people are treated with modern medicine, many people still use local drug plants in many ways.

    Unfortunately, there are people who pretend to have remedy for all diseases their patients complain of. These people are quacks and their intention is to get wealthy by deceiving the public. These are the people that bring herbal medicine to disrepute. Another class of practitioners that bring negative aspect of herbal medicine is Witch craft and Sorcery.

    In our foundation, we use modern technology to research on plants. Just like research has been done to prove beans contains protein and maize starch that help our bodies in good health, so we have analyzed our herbs to prove their therapeutic value.

    We have done substantial amount of research on the chemical constituents of our medicinal plants and isolated active principals starting with fixed OILS and Fatty Acids which we use as emollients and Ointments. Another class of oils are called Essential oils which are volatile and can be used for internal treatment.

    Also isolated from our plants are Resins, Glycosides, Alkaloids, Toxalbuminins, benzoquinones, Anthraquinone cathartics.
    By incorporating modern technology in our herbal medicines, we have been able to properly analyze and come up with clear diagnoses and dosage prescription.

    Our herbal medicines are processed scientifically; this involves wholesome harvesting of raw plant materials, hygienic drying using vacuum freeze drying technology, extraction of chemical components of various herbs using gas liquid chromatography and technologically formulating them with advanced drug formula in which scientific explanations to issues as been researched and documented.

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