Testimony: Chronic cancerous wound's cured at our clinic

We present here testimonies of several people who have been cured from chronic wound's which had defied modern medicine. Some of these people were to be amputated(cut off) their legs to prevent the infection spreading and to save their life's but when they came to us, it only took 2-3 months and the cure was effected.

Case study: 1

Outpatient No. 844/14 came to our clinic on 31st June 2014 with chronic wound on lower part of right leg. She had tried conventional treatment but it never worked.

This video was taken when she first came to our clinic and then at the end of the video you will see how it now looks after the treatment.

Treatment Duration 2 Months

Case Study: 2

This is another successful cure for chronic wound at Neem Clinic which had defied the best dermatologists in Kenya.

This client came all the way from Narok county after being referred by a person who was successfully treated at our clinic.
Treatment duration was 2 months

Testimony 2: Another Chronic wound Cured

In this video we feature another chronic wound cured at Neem Foundation clinic. Duration of treatment is 2 months.

Posted by Neem Foundation Herbal Center on Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Case Study: 3

This young boy had stopped going to school for one full year after suffering fatal chronic infection of femur. Medical doctors had done some operations but did not succeed. He came to our clinic on 16th February 2015. He is still under medication but he has improved tremendously and can now walk. He has since reported back to school. We will update you in 2 weeks time Keep Watching.

By Austine on 30 June 2015