Breakthrough Treatment for Cancers and Tumors

Image preview"Cancer treatment is real here in our clinic. We treat the root causes of cancer as we have detailed in this page. Most cancers initially start as simple growths or tumor. So Tumors, Growths, warts, moles are precursors to cancers and if you have them or see someone with them, then you should see us immediately for guidance on treatment. Also if cancer is confirmed you should see us immediately, the earlier the better.. "

First let us sample these 3 testimonies. For treatment of cancer we analyze each individual case and determine the best treatment formula depending with type and location of cancer.

Margret was our client who had Colon Cancer. She consulted us and we treated her in 2 months with our therapy.
- Diagnosed with colon Cancer on 16th October 2019.
- After 2 months of our therapy (26th February 2020) she did a repeat of colonoscopy and found tumor is completely dissolved. Here is a picture of her before and after our treatment.

Derah is a 81 year old client who had Grade4 adenocarcinoma that had metastasized and spread to thyroid, liver and lymph nodes at Aghakan hospital Nairobi 26th October 2019. He was advised to go home and wait for the inevitable. His age could not withstand chemotherapy but he took our treatment and got healed completely from the cancer. Here is a whatapp conversation with his son. We could not share personal files here as they have not consented.

Cancer of cervix with severe still erosion and palpable mass in lower abdomen.
- Doctors recommendation: Radiotherapy/ Chemotherapy:
We treated her successfully in 3 months and she got cured completely and even got pregnant and give birth. She allowed us to share her number in this platform. She is from Embu county.
Phone Number: 0718304388. Listen to Her Conversation Testimony here.

4th Testimony:
This is a client aged 73 years whom we treated huge cancerous mass of the stomach around July 2021. It dissolved and the Doctor advised them not to do Radiotherapy. The client finally became cancer free to date. This is a whatsapp communication with her daughter.

Our cancer treatment success rate so far is 80% overall and 98% for stage 1 to 3 cancers. The earlier one comes for the treatment the higher chances of recovery. The other very important factor which we advice our clients is about foods that fuel cancer and which not even oncologists are aware of. Our treatment is a ONE on ONE Journey. We don't sell products for cancer online. We have to make sure you are monitored through medical tests and checkup for positive progress.

Other Testimonies of successful Tumor and cancer treatments

In our Clinic, We have treated these Tumors, Growths & Cysts and Cancers successfully. We made home visits to some of our clients we once treated and found them still tomour and cancer free many years after treatment.

Testimony 1.

In this testimony, A client with breast cancer tumor was treated successfully in our clinic clinic and completely recovered after 3 months.

Testimony 2.

In this picture, a client who came to our clinic with a swollen goiter was treated successfully in our clinic after 4 months of treatment. The client recovered fully and never developed any complications. His thyroid glad was not affected at all and he lives a normal life to date.

Testimony 3.

This lady below had a left cheek tumor which was malignant according to her biopsy report from hospital. She could not afford radiation and chemotherapy so she opted for our affordable treatment which took just 3 months and the cancerous tumor shrank and cancer cleared from the body. You can contact us via +254720760419 if you encounter a similar situation.

Testimony 4.

This below student was diagnosed with jaw/neck tumor. He did not confirm whether it was cancerous due to financial constrains but those who are familiar with these types of neck tumors can attest that 98% of them are cancerous. The child recovered fully after successful treatment in our clinic and has since graduated from university. We can link you with him for confirmation since he is willing. For more information kindly contact us via +254720760419. Regards.

Testimony 5.

A cancerous tumor of the neck which doctors could not try to operate or perform chemotherapy/radiotherapy due to attachment to nerves was successfully treated in our clinic in 6 months.

For treatment of these types of tumors and cancers, kindly contact us through this phone number +254720760419. Treatment is affordable and can be paid in installments. Out treatment is 100% natural herbal products and health supplements. It does not interfere with chemotherapy or radiotherapy or cancer treatments and can be taken together.
We are located at
Nyota building
3rd floor suite 304
Accra road Nairobi cbd.

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