Muteta Soup, A Powerful Fever Reliever

Muteta is an extract from a local tree called strychnos henningsii and belongs to the same class with boxwood, another febrifuge (medicine used to reduce fever) for long used as a substitute for quinine.

 A study carried out last year by Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture say the tree is being over exploited for soup.
 Users believe it is good for their bones and help breakdown cholesterol after a fatty meal.
 Previously seen as soup for older generation, it is however being drunk by the younger people and now sold even in up market restaurants.
 Soup from the tree used in treatment of fever and malaria in Ukambani.
 Also used to induce vomiting after heavy feasting.
 Among the Maasai of Narok it is used in treating malaria.
 In Kiambu its main use is shared between making a soup and as a stomachache treatment.
 The extract is acquired through boiling specific parts of the tree.
 It is also used in the management of arthritis alongside curing typhoid and amoeba.
 The decoction can also be used as bathing water to heal a soar body aching joints and muscles.
 It is however very toxic when used in large quantities just like the boxwood.
 It causes severe damage to the digestive system and nervous disorders when used in excess.
 However, due to its toxicity it is not recommended for children, pregnant or lactating women.

By Austine on 13 April 2015