Herpes Simplex

General Infomation

Herpes is a an infection caused by Herpes simplex virus. There are 2 types of herpes. Type 1 (HSV 1) and type 2 (HSV 2)
Herpes manifests as Oral herpes or Genital Herpes. Oral herpes causes cold sores around the mouth or face. Genital herpes is a sexually transmitted disease (STD). It affects the genitals, buttocks or anal area. Other herpes infections can affect the eyes, skin, or other parts of the body. Once a person becomes infected with a herpes virus, the virus moves from the skin cells to nerve cells where it stays forever. In this stage, the virus is said to be dormant, or asleep. But it can become active again.

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How does one get herpes?

You can get herpes through skin to skin contact with body fluids of a person who is infected especially if you have a broken skin. One can also get herpes through penetrative or oral sex, kissing, sharing of towels, utensils, lip balm etc. Some get herpes during birth. An infected mother can transmit the virus to a baby through delivery or breast feeding.


Symptoms of herpes simplex

Symptoms of herpes simplex virus typically appear as a blister or as multiple blisters on or around affected areas that break open and cause painful sores -- usually the mouth, genitals, or rectum. The blisters break, leaving tender sores that eventually heal. The symptoms disappears for sometime and becomes dormant. After some period they become active again due to some triggers such as stress, illness, low immunity, menstrual periods and use of some medications.

Is there a treatment for Herpes?

There is a promising treatment after a recent research. An extract preparation from the roots of Carissa edulis a medicinal plant locally growing in Kenya, has shown a remarkable anti-herpes virus activity for both wild type and drug resistant strains.

If you have been searching for herpes Cure, now you have found it. At Neem Foundation of Kenya, We have used it to treat herpes simplex safely for the last 10 years and it has never disappointed a bit. We highly recommend it to everyone with HSV1 and HSV2. There’s plenty of evidence that it works to cure herpes. Some People already know about it and use it to treat Herpes Virus.

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Kenyan scientist have given it a clean bill of health as a treatment for herpes virus. The herb has been evaluated for pre-clinical safety and efficacy in suitable in vitro and in vivo systems of herpes infections. It has demonstrated a high potential as an anti-herpes agent.
See The Links below for Scientific publications about the research:

Anti-viral activity of the extracts of a Kenyan medicinal plant ...

Anti-viral activity of the extracts of a Kenyan medicinal plant ...

If you have herpes virus just give this ancient version, backed by thousands of years of human use, a chance before opting for the toxic management drugs.

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Herpes 1 and 2
"Remedy of Choice"

Several compounds have been extracted from the herb, including oleuropein, an immune booster, and lupeol. Lupeol, has been found to act against cancerous cells in mice. The virucidal effect of lupeol witnessed in the virus yield reduction assay, is pointer of the antiviral potential of the compound. Since the acyclovir resistant strains were sensitive to lupeol, this indicates possibilities of a difference in the mechanism of antiviral action to that of acyclovir. The cytotoxic level of lupeol in vero cells is well above ec50 giving it a good selectivity index. A similar level of cytotoxicity (cc50; 196μg/ml) has been reported by other researchers in vero cells

This powerful herb is one of the most prevalent traditional herb and herbalists harvest roots, barks and even the fruits to make concoctions for many diseases such as malaria, Typhoid Fever, Cough, Asthma, fibroids, arthritis, low immunity, cancer, Allergies, Blood pressure, Stroke, Tumor, Syphilis, Infertility, herpes simplex and vivax, vaginal candidiasis, diabetes etc.

Further studies have shown the plant to contain ingredients that make it a good diuretic. Diuretics are drugs used to increase the frequency of urination to remove excess fluid in the body, a condition that comes with medical conditions such as congestive heart failure, liver and kidney disease. Some diuretics are also used for the treatment of high blood pressure. These drugs act on the kidneys to increase urine output, reducing the amount of fluid in the blood, which in turn lowers blood pressure. “These findings support the traditional use of Carissa edulis spp. as a treatment for Herpes virus and other chronic infections,” write the researchers in the Journal of Alternative Medicine.

Buy Carissa Edulis Today.

$ 25.00 USD

Carissa Edulis Tea

Clears herpes simplex from the root and has no side effects.
No more embarrassing outbreaks ever in your life, shame and guilt,crippling costs and sickening side effects of management drugs.
Take advantage and let it ban your herpes quickly naturally and without any side effects. Not only herpes but small infections will also be a thing of the past.
For effective dosage for HSV 1 and HSV 2 we recommend 5 packets of Carissa Edulis Tea

Carissa edulis herbal tea
Carissa edulis root tea has a high concentration of naturally occurring phenolic compounds called oleuropein and lupeol, which are vital weapon in the fight against Herpes simplex virus disease. These compounds, are more abundant in the Carissa edulis tea than in any other herb. Research shows that lupeol is a complex anti-protozoal, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor and has chemo-preventive properties. These two compounds acts synergitically as a lethal arsenal against Herpes simplex, cancer, Allergies, Blood pressure, Stroke, Tumor, Syphilis, Infertility, vaginal candidiasis etc.

Suggested Usage

-The recommended daily usage is 2 tea bags in a glass of hot water prepared twice a day. Morning and evening. Recommended dose for chronic herpes treatment is 10 weeks.
-Do not tear the tea bag. Just drop it in a hot water, coffee or tea and stir for 5 minutes then drink. Taste is sweet and not bitter. Has a sweet aroma. It also blends well with your favorite coffee or tea.

Ingredients : Pure Carissa Edulis root.
Units in a Packet; 60 Tea bags
Cost $25.00 USD
By Shopping with us. You are deemed to have read and accepted our Shipping and refund policy
Recommended dose for Herpes cure is:5 packets at $125.00 USD
WORLDWIDE SHIPPING IS $37 US dollars(with tracking)

How to Buy.
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Mandy Missy ·
London, United Kingdom
I am really happy that i and my boyfriend are cured of HERPES SIMPLEX VIRUS with this herbal medicine Carissa Edulis , i have been suffering from this disease for the past 3 years without solution until i came across this website, bought and took for 10 weeks. No outbreaks since we started and tests at midland hospital has come out negative.
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Neem Foundation Herbal Center
Hi Nicole, We open from 8am to 5pm weekdays and from 9am to 3pm Saturdays. We do not open on Sundays. Offer will be extended up to 9th Monday this month.
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iwud. lov to book in advance to come for treatment with the same rates uve advertized tho cant meet your deadline im far from kenya.thanks
Neem Foundation Herbal Center
You can't make to come to Kenya. We can ship the treatment to you wherever you are after making a purchase. Email to us your HSG scan report for review and further advice.
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What are the offers?
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Sewe Vitalis
This sounds good, but is there anyone outside there with a testimony? I badly need your help
Sewe Vitalis
Any success in oral cancers?
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Neem Foundation Herbal Center
Sewe Vitalis Yes there is very big success in oral caners also.
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Neem Foundation Herbal Center
Dear Sawe. Yes we have several people who have been treated successfully. We need their consent though before we give out their contact. Will keep up updated.
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