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  • Aluminium Cooking Sufuria is Very Toxic For your Health. Use Earthen pot instead.

    New research reveals that millions of unsuspecting Kenyans who utilize aluminium cookware could be cooking their way to early graves due to the poisonous effect of aluminium metal.

    Aluminium poisoning in the kitchen is too real to be ignored. Majority of people are not aware of the harm that aluminum poisoning causes. Agitation caused by the heating process tends to release aluminum in foods when cooking. Various chemical poisons are also formed according to the type of food being cooked. Salts become mixed with the metal when seasoning, causing a chemical reaction. Cooking in uncoated aluminum utensils increases the amount of aluminum in certain foods such as fruits, which are high in acid.

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    Using a metallic spoon to stir food in an aluminium pot means more of the metal is scrapped from the pot into food. A wooden ladle would be safer.

    Aluminium is responsible for a whole dictionary of modern diseases that defy medication. It acts as a slow insidious poison, leading on to greater degrees of disease as time passes.

    A person may feed on aluminised food for years without symptoms of any kind; however, unseen and unheard, there are progressive body changes going on, which may suddenly manifest themselves in a form of serious disease.

    Symptoms of aluminium poisoning include extreme nervousness, progressive impairment of vision, inability to swallow, involuntary passage of urine when coughing, headache, poor kidney and liver function, memory loss, aching muscles, softening of bones and impaired intellect among others.

    Aluminium poisoning has lately been linked with skeletal deformities. Aluminium slowly accumulates in body tissues over the years , stopping the body’s ability to digest calcium, phosphorus and fluoride. This prevents bone growth and reduces bone density. It can also cause conditions, which force calcium out of the bones.

    Post-mortems on those who have died from supposed aluminium poisoning reveals aluminium metal deposited in various organs, especially the liver, kidneys, spleen, brain, and muscles. Alzheimer patients have been found to contain four-times as much aluminium in their brain as those of other people. An excess of either Aluminium or silicon in the body results in reduced absorption of calcium and other minerals. Aluminium salts in the brain can produce impaired mental abilities and seizures.

    Other diseases linked with aluminium include cancer, rheumatism, kidney failure , skin diseases, eye troubles, appendicitis, piles and ulcers. Ovaries and testes are particularly affected, probably due to glandular imbalance that characterizes aluminium poisoning.

    By Austine on 28 September 2017