Chemotherapy Does Not Contribute to the Cure of Cancer 97% of the Time

According to this 12 year study of 154,000 ADULTS.

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In other words: chemotherapy kills an average 97% of cancer patients within 5 years.

By Austine on 08 June 2015

Are You Pooping Wrong?

What is the proper toilet posture?
The modern toilet was created back in the western civilization for relaxing and luxury. However, being in the seated position is not healthy when it comes to poo. You can encounter problems when you sit on your toilet;

By Austine on 03 June 2015

How to Save a Choking Baby- Newest Advice from Doctors

If you discover that your baby has problems with breathing, cough, crying or speak, it indicates that it might be gagging. In this situation the baby’s airways are partially obstructed which is causing the coughing and the hard breathing, but not completely impossible. But if the airways are completely blocked choking is occurring. In this situation the parents need to learn how to react quickly and efficient to set free the blocked airways which will save their baby’s life.

By Austine on 28 May 2015

Green Potatoes: Are Very Dangerous For Your Health, Strictly Avoid This!

Potatoes are widely used as a primary ingredient in many cuisines. But, do you know about the green potatoes? They are green because of the high amount of chlorophyll. But we are sorry to disappoint you, that green potatoes are very dangerous for your health.
Green Potato Are Very Dangerous For Health, Strictly Avoid This

By Austine on 08 May 2015

Muteta Soup, A Powerful Fever Reliever

Muteta is an extract from a local tree called strychnos henningsii and belongs to the same class with boxwood, another febrifuge (medicine used to reduce fever) for long used as a substitute for quinine.

 A study carried out last year by Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture say the tree is being over exploited for soup.
 Users believe it is good for their bones and help breakdown cholesterol after a fatty meal.

By Austine on 13 April 2015

Why Honey And Not Cough Syrup Is Best Remedy For Your Child

Research doctors say it is the most effective in treating coughs related to common cold

Local medical doctors now say they have evidence showing cough medicine for children are useless and if anything, honey preparations are much better. A team of research doctors at the Aga Khan University Hospital in Nairobi say they have diligently assessed children put on medicine, placebo or honey preparations, with the first two showing no benefit at all.

By Austine on 08 April 2015

The Secret Remedy For Sickle Cell in Yams, which most of us know as vikuu, are considered locally as breakfast delicacies especially in the village.

By Austine on 30 March 2015

20 Powerful Health Benefits Of Papaya

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By Austine on 25 March 2015

Alcohol And Your Kidneys

Drinking alcohol can affect many parts of your body, including your kidneys. A little alcohol—one or two drinks now and then—usually has no serious effects. But drinking too much can harm your health. It can also worsen kidney disease.

By Austine on 24 March 2015

How Soft Drinks Detroy Your Health

Soda is one of the most consumed beverages in the world, second only to water. Here in the Kenya, Kenyans guzzle 57 gallons of soda per person every year, as if it wasn’t full of sugary calories. But what’s happening inside the bodies of soda consumers with each sip?

Soda Consumption Health Risks

By Austine on 23 March 2015