The discovery

Interim report.
This Interesting breakthrough discovery in our war against the virus was pioneered by bold and daring network of passionate committed researchers and a few health professionals who came together to find ways of addressing this challenging health problems.

We have been treating patients with diverse ailments who visit us seeking treatment for long-lasting relieve to some of chronic diseases like cancer, HIV/AIDS and Malaria.

In the face of biting poverty, thousands of Kenyans who fall ill prefer herbal medicine as the surest savior to offer affordable treatment and possible cure to these deadly scourge. With relentless campaigns and awareness, we saw many HIV positive patients seeking our services in our several clinics spread all over Kenya. This has seen thousands of HIV positive people come to seek treatment in our clinics. This large percentage of people presented us with an ample opportunity to treat them using herbal medicine.

Our treatment of HIV and AIDS was AT FIRST not intended to CURE but to manage opportunistic infections by use of well documented herbs with a good history of management of opportunistic infections. These herbs are Neem, Aloe arborescens and Moringa Oleifera and other combinations depending with patients complains.
In the course of treatment, we were overwhelmed by positive improvement of the patients including increase in appetite, weight, healing of opportunistic infections and general well being.

Further tests also revealed tremendous boost in immunity and decrease in viral load. This positive response prompted the then director of aids control unit (ACU) a government’s wing to fight HIV and AIDS and who was closely monitoring patients progress Mr. Kanyiri to officially recommend that we be allowed to treat HIV patients.

The initial spark came when the first patient turned HIV negative in 10th July 2005. He had used a cocktail of herbs and it was difficult at first to pinpoint the real herbs that had eliminated the HIV virus. A few Months later, we got stunned when several other patients started reporting negative status from other branches of our clinics countrywide. It now became apparent that there existed a cure in our treatment.

Our researchers compiled the treatment records of all the healed cases and within a matter of months a technique was developed through combination of elimination technology, analysis and observations, which revealed that, all the healed patients had used a unique combination of treatment prior to turning HIV negative. Those who were reportedly healed had apparently used a certain herb for prevention of allergies in combination of Neem ,Aloe and Moringa.

Following this study more patients were put under this unique combination of products and were monitored closely and the subsequent clinical evaluation was carried out and the reporting was very successful as follows.76% completely healed: 24% significant improvement but absconded treatment before completion.

Several test were done to confirm the recovery. These are P24 antigen rapid test, Elisa tests, PCR-DNA Qualitative Antigen Test.
These tests were repeated 3 years after the patients turned negative and the results still reports Negative. According to these tests we can confirm that, once someone has been healed of HIV, the body stops producing antibodies to the HIV virus and must report negative status even to P24 antigen rapid tests. Most people were first confirmed through P24 antigen rapid tests before carrying further confirmatory tests such as ELISA,western blot and HIV DNA-PCR tests.

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1.There was inconsistency in treatment since most patients come for the treatment of opportunistic infections (Aids) and absconded treatment immediately they felt better and came back later when they fell sick again. Many do not believe that the virus can be completely cleared and thus they do not take treatment consistently.Testimonies

By Anonymous on 02 May 2011

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