HIV Food Supplements

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The treatment for HIV takes 6 months. It is not like the ART which you will take the rest of your life. Once you turn negative, you will stop taking the medications and live a normal life.

Treatment is comprised of three types of herbal supplements as outlined below.

For deactivating the HIV virus,
Dosage= 2 capsule taken twice a day.
For boosting immunity.
Dosage= 1 tablet taken twice a day.
For the treatment and prevention of opportunistic infections.
Dosage= 2 capsule taken twice a day.

Costs for the 6 months dose is 3500 US dollars
3 MONTHS = 1750
1 MONTH = 583
Shipping world wide is 85 US dollars

Price: $3,500.00

By Austine on 10 March 2015