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  • Promed Herbal Tincture

    SKU: Promed Herbal Tincture

    Promed is a herbal Tincture made from herbs that help the body to fight Tumors and cancers. The mode of action of this herbs is as described bellow.

    1. It fights stubborn Viral Infections such as EBV, HPV, HSV, HBV etc. These viruses interferes with human DNA causing mutations and abnormal growth of cells. Every tumour, growth has an underlying Virus behind it. active ingredients are lupeol and Oleuropen.

    2. Strong Immune Booster: Herbs such as Aloe Barbandensis contains 22 amino acids that are found in human body. Supplementing your body with these amino acids ensures the body cells are well balanced and working to their optimum. This boosts the bodies metabolism and defense against free radicals that cause incurable diseases.

    3. Strong Anti allergy: It contains strong natural anti allergies. When foreign substances enters human body they cause inflammation which causes pain and swelling. This product helps to coat and protect the body cells from being attacked by the allergens which finally die off when they fail to anchor into human cells. One such ingredients are propolis lecintin,

    DOSAGE> This depends with individuals needs and is subject to prescription.

    Contact our Specialist Doctor for more guidance. +254720760419.

    Price: $50.00

    By Austine on 13 February 2023

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