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  • Healing Power Of Sun Shine

    Very few people are aware of the healing power of Sunshine. Sun is a source of natural ultra violet therapy provided by God for everybody to tap and use for prevention of disease and also for healing but due to lack of knowledge, this free source of natural healing has been untapped.


    Koreans have known the healing benefits of Suns ultra violet light and have been utilizing it for centuries for healing all types of ailments. They are now capitalizing in making man-made sources of ultra violet light such as Tanning beds and Thermal Massage Bed which they sell exorbitantly world wide for therapeutic purposes. They entice clients with free therapeutic sessions after which they later sell exorbitantly the machines once someone start seeing recovery changes.


    There are cautionary campaigns everywhere warning people of harmful effects of ultra violet(UV) radiation. In these campaigns, people are warned that they will get skin cancer when they expose themselves to sun and that they should apply sun screens when basking in the Sun.

    What the people behind these campaigns are hiding from you is the fact that they are in business and they are capitalizing in your ignorance to market their pharmaceuticals sunscreens to you. Like lords of narcotics, they are profit driven and care less as long as they get what they want (MONEY). They have mastered the art of bribing well known Doctors, Scientists and researchers to peddle fake research in their favor. NB. Most researchers are under Payroll of these big pharmaceutical companies.


    It is true “UNFILTERED” ultraviolet radiation from Sun can cause cancer and destruction to the planet. BUT Kindly read the paragraph below severally so that you can understand why the big Pharmaceutical companies are taking you for a ride.

    When God created the universe, he knew the sun had harmful ultraviolet rays. (UVC rays). To protect us against them, he created a filter called OZONE LAYER. Ozone layer filters the harmful Ultra violet rays leaving only the good Ultra violet rays (UVA and UVB rays) to penetrate the earth. HARMFUL Ultra violet rays penetrate the earth at the point where OZONE LAYER has been destroyed by industrial chemicals being emitted by industries in the developed world. It is referred to as Ozone depletion. A good example is in Australia where there is high skin cancer due to Ozone thinning/depletion.

    Millions of people worldwide are exposed to the Sun yet we do not hear of massive cancer of skin cases in those areas?

    As the evidence grows that some sun exposure has benefits, many experts are rethinking their staunch sun-avoidance advice. For example, despite Australia having one of the highest skin-cancer rates in the world, Cancer Council of Australia recognizes that sometime in the sun without sunscreen or other protection is important, according to Robyn ¬Lucas, Ph.D., a professor at the Australian National University College of Health and Medicine, who ¬researches environmental effects on health.

    Bone Health and Beyond

    The best known benefit of sun exposure is vitamin D synthesis, which occurs in the skin in response to the sun’s UVB rays. Vitamin D is a critical nutrient. It is essential to promote absorption of calcium, the mineral that helps keep bones strong.

    Sunlight plays other roles in promoting good health as well. So far studies have shown that UV exposure can lower blood pressure (which helps to protect against heart attack and stroke), curb appetite, and reduce the risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes, and possibly certain auto¬immune diseases.

    Sunshine is even linked to longevity. A Journal of Internal Medicine study that monitored nearly 30,000 Swedish women for about 20 years found that those who spent more time in the sun lived 7 years longer than those who racked up less sun exposure. “More research is required to replicate this work, but if it’s a real effect, it’s very important,” Lucas says.

    Too much of everything good is harmful in the long run. You should find the right balance when you expose yourself to the Ultra Violet rays of the sun. Do not overexpose yourself to the Sun. It can cause Sunburn to the skin. Also note that not any time is good for exposure. The best time to expose yourself to the sun if you are in Kenya is between 7am to 10 am in the morning and 3pm to 6pm. Between 10am to 3pm the temperature is too much and might cause sun burn. Recommended exposure time is 10 to 30 minutes. 10 minutes of exposure can produce 5,000 IU of enough vitamin D for most people to maintain normal blood levels.

    For some people, 10 minutes might be too long; for others, too short. “How much is enough depends with skin pigmentation which affects how much UV radiation your skin absorbs. Learn to observe your instincts and discontinue therapy if the heat becomes too much to bare.

    Make sure 95% of your body is exposed to the sun for maximum benefit and to heal a wide range of ailments such as high blood pressure, arthritis, diabetes, heart diseases etc and to boost immunity.

    NB. Avoid sunshine if the country you are living has got ozone layer damage or depletion. Contact local meteorological station for advice.

    Consultant Therapsit.

    By Austine on 22 August 2019