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  • Best Diabetes Home Herbal treatment in Kenya

    SKU: Diabetic Guard Herbal Tea

    Modern Diabetic Medicine is a life long treatment. It does not address the root cause of diabetes.

    As a researchers of Natural herbal medicine for many years, Neem Foundation herbal clinic has been able to authoritatively come up with a natural remedy to completely reverse diabetes in 3 months.

    How Our Treatment For Diabetes Works.

    - Treats both type 1 and 2 diabetes. Those on insulin injection stops injecting after only 2 weeks of use.
    - It Rejuvenates Pancreases to start producing its own insulin for those with type 1 diabetes and treats insulin resistant for those with type 2 diabetes.
    - It Cures diabetic complications such as nerve damage, retinopathy, wounds, kidney failure etc.

    Why Choose Our Diabetes herbal Product.

    Our Herbal diabetes remedy is made up of 100% Herbs from indigenous herbs such as Myrsine -Africana, Bilbery, Kalera extract, Okra.
    -It has no side effects at all.
    -It does not interact with hospital medications.
    -Can be taken by children with juvenile diabetes.

    Dosage and Preparation:

    -Add 2 teabags to a cup of hot water and stir for 5 minutes.
    -Let it cool before you drink. To be taken on empty stomach or 3 hours after food.
    -You will prepare this dosage twice a day. In total you will take 4 teabags a day.
    -You may add honey 1 tablespoon if you wish.

    Cost Of Our Treatment. The treatment is cost friendly and is charged as follows
    Duration of treatment is 3 months at a cost of 22,500/= Ksh.

    - One months package is 7500/= ksh.
    - Two Months Package is 13,000/= ksh
    - Three Months Package is 17,000/= Ksh.

    If you buy a 3 months package at once you get a good discount of 5500/=ksh

    How To get Our Treatment.

    One can get this treatment by calling 0725251412 or Visit our clinic located at

    Nyota building, 3rd floor suite 304,
    Accra road
    Nairobi cbd.

    Opening Hours:
    Week days: 8:00am to 5.00pm
    Saturdays: 9:00am to 3:00pm
    Sunday: Closed

    You can consult The Doctor Through this Phone Number is 0720760419 for more advice and treatment.

    Price: $225.00

    By Austine on 05 December 2020

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