• Kenya Neem award ceremony

    - Abdominal pain that's worse when stomach is empty.- Nausea
    - Gastritis - Loss of appetite. - Frequent burping.
    - Bloating - Unintentional weight loss.
    - Constipation - Acid reflux...

    The Tea will completely solve these health challenges in duration stipulated.
    1. Ovarian Cysts. = (2 MONTHS).
    3. Painful Menstrual Cramps.= (1 MONTH)
    4. Irregular periods = (1 MONTH)
    5. Hormonal Imbalance = (1 MONTH)
    6. Adenomyosis, = (3 MONTHS)
    7. Fertility...

    There is nothing as shameful as a man who cannot meet his manly obligations. i.e sexually satisfy his partner.

    If You have these symptoms, then this product is for you.

    - Weak erection
    - premature ejaculation
    - Loss of sexual interest

    Some of the factors that...

    Best Natural Herbal Skin care Jelly in Kenya

    You don't need a long list of skincare products for healthy, bright skin. A gentle touch of nature is enough to rejuvenate your skin. We are talking about Neem for face care.

    Neem is a medicinal plant having anti-inflammatory and healing...


    SKU: Detox Plus

    Detox Plus Formula is a special blend of certified organic herbs for detoxifying the body and getting rid of impurities, heavy metals and dyes.

    It deworms and cleanses the body tissues and cells thus maintaining the normal body PH levels of 7.

    It further Promotes cleansing of waste from the colon hence improving digestion and soothing an upset stomach. This Increases absorption of nutrients, Supports healthy liver, gallbladders and urinary tract function.

    Contents 60 capsules taken 2 capsules twice daily.
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    By Austine on 20 June 2015

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