Testimonies Of People Cured HIV and AIDS at Neem Foundation

HIV cure is the most unbelievable thing in the world at the moment and yet we have accomplished it. Scientists have recoded only one Berlin case in History. We have recorded over 300 cases. Being a herbal research outfit, no one will take us seriously or pay much attention to what we do.

Only those few whom have believed in us and took the challenge can testify that this is can be done. There is still the stigma and many would prefer to remain silent and incognito. A few have however, come out to testify. This we have done through all media outlets and the hospital documents to prove are in our safe custody. Before and after treatment. These results are from various government hospitals here in Kenya.

Once the HIV clears from the body, the body stops producing anti-bodies to the virus. The p24 antibody test should report Negative for HIV. (This is the finger test done in many Voluntary counseling centers.) And this means one is CURED.

Presented here are some of the actual testimonies of some of the people who have undergone complete cellular recovery from HIV/AID'S infection.

Attached are copies of laboratory results of some of the people we have treated successfully from various Hospitals showing NEGATIVE status after treatment in our Neem Foundation. We have concealed their identity since we do not have their permission to broadcast their names. To enlarge the image, right click on image and then click 'view Image'

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This gentle man, who is a police officer long suffered with HIV/AIDS. But now is one of the cured patients of Neem foundation. Play this video and hear him testifying, how he got healed.
All parents know how it hurts to see your child in pain. The Joy these parents had led them to testify for their children who were treated HIV by Neem foundation Kenya.

By Anonymous on 02 May 2011