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    SKU: Neem pomade

    For extra smooth soft skin like a baby.
    This Skin balm is an effective skin remedy for many skin diseases and infections. It is formulated using Neem oil which is a wonder herb for skin infections and problems listed below.

    One month Supply. Add Shipping of 100 USD available at bottom

    Effective for These all skin Condations/problems.
    * Acne * ringworms * blackspots/heads
    * black marks/shades * eczema * herpes
    * dandruff * burns * wrinkles
    * vitiligo * warts * psoriasis
    * baldness * stretchmarks * grey hair

    It heals, repairs, rejuvenates,deep cleanses, purifies,hydrates and protects your skin
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    Cost Kenya Shillings 450/=
    Buy via Mpesa till number 960884( buy goods and services)
    Courier services within Kenya is ksh 200
    For inquiries call 0720760419

    Amazing gift from nature!

    This is your guide to more information about the different uses and benefits of multi-purpose Neem Herbal Skin Care Jelly. Neem Herbal Skin Care Jelly is made using three most powerful natural skin care herbal in the world to give exceptionally large curative fraction. Both moisturizing fraction and healing fraction. These are Neem oil , Cera album,

    The herbal jelly is not processed thus preserving the natural integrity of the herbal products used. It Does not contain fillers, chemical preservatives, added chemicals, fragrances etc.

    Neem Herbal Skin Care Jelly will provide improvement in all the conditions listed below. As you use it you are likely to discover additional uses. The amount of time required for optimum results with various conditions may vary with each condition. Wrinkles, for example, require 4 to 6 weeks of daily use. Itching is relieved immediately. Regular use of this natural jelly can treat many skin problems, such as.

    Acne,*Eczema,*Dermatitis,*Psoriasis ,*Dry skin,Black *marks/shades,*Pimples,*Moles,Baldness,*Skin rash, *cracks,*Skin peeling,*After tanning,blemishes ,Wrinkles ,Itching skin,Herpes ,Sunburn,dandruff ,Wounds,Insectbites,Tough or rough skin (on feet.),Skin allergies
    Skin damage from heat (hot grease while cooking, radiation treatment for certain medical problems, etc.)

    Neem Oil Benefits.
    Fights Fungal, Viral and bacterial Infections: It offers unbeaten and medically proven anti bacterial,viral and antifungal properties. Fungal infections of the skin like ring worms, nail fungus and athletes foot are quite common. Neem being one of the most powerful anti-fungal agents available in nature makes for a good replacement for the over the counter creams that are available at the pharmacists. The two compounds from Neem responsible for this are the gedunin and nimbidol. These compounds destroy the fungi that causes this infection. Tests have proven that Neem oil is effective on 14 different cultures of fungi.

    Neem oil. Its ability to reduce inflammation and heal abrasion soothes eczema irritation. The nimbidin and nimbin compounds in the neem oil help to relieve redness and swelling. It also helps to heal dry and damaged skin. Its antiseptic properties keep infections at bay.

    Neem oil contains aspirin like compound which removes the acne causing bacteria from the skin. It also helps to reduce redness and inflammation.

    Removes Pigmentation:
    Neem seed oil is an ultimate pigmentation killer. It imparts fairness to the skin with a splash of freshness when used regularly. It slows down the production of melanin in the skin. Melanin is the skin colouring agent, which when secreted in higher amounts, leads to pigmentation. Neem oil hampers the excessive formation of melanin. Therefore, it makes the skin fairer by reducing pigmentation.

    Promotes Hair Growth:
    Neem oil is also known for its ability to increase hair growth.
    It can be used to counter the effects of hair thinning due to various reasons including stress, medication, pollution and more. It promotes hair growth and improves the quality of your hair at the same time. Neem oil offers deep moisturisation. It repairs damaged hair cuticles and hence makes hair manageable.

    Removes Dryness:
    Since Shea butter is particularly high in Vitamin E and fatty acids, it quickly penetrates the outer layer of the skin restoring the protective barrier and prevents moisture loss. It is an effective skin conditioner. It moisturizes the skin so deeply that it can repair prolonged skin dryness as well. It is for this reason that Shea butter is also used in medicated dryness repair products. Its herbal moisturizing formula gives you a well toned skin that is free of cracks and freckles.

    Dandruff Treatment:
    Shea Butter is a natural cure for dandruff and dry scalp. Regular usage can prevent dandruff from forming. It improves scalp health and maintains the scalp’s PH level. As a result, dandruff gets cured. Regular application of the butter can also help to resolve thinning issue as the oil promotes hair growth and strengthens hair from the roots.

    Aloe arborescence
    Protects Skin And Fights Ageing:
    Aloe plants are among the world's most biologically active plants, meaning they feed our cells with living nutrients. The Aloe arborescens (Not to be confused with aloe vera) is 200% more abundant in curative nutrients and 75% richer in compounds than aloe Vera is. The bitter sap from leaves is loaded with 200 active plant compounds, such as phytonutrients, enzymes, proteins, oils, polysaccharides and monosaccharides, as well as 12 essential vitamins, 20 key minerals and 18 vital amino acids and is used in a variety of lotions, creams soaps and cosmetics. The nutrients get easily absorbed by the skin and rejuvenate it and improve its elasticity. It is extremely beneficial for eczema, psoriasis and acne. Helps to cure minor cuts and wounds and helps to relieve dry and itchy skin. Aloe also contains high level of antioxidants which protect the skin from environmental damage..

    Everyone! Every household should have a jar of Bio Neem Herbal Skin Balm, either among the beauty supplies for soft smooth better looking skin, or in the medicine cabinet for minor skin injuries around the house. Bio Neem Herbal Skin Balm IS THE SKIN’S BEST FRIEND!

    For more information contact Neem Foundation Clinic
    Po box 55758 00200 Nairobi Phone 0202210442
    Nyota Building 3rd Floor Suite 304 Accra road
    Nairobi CBD

    Price: $4.50

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    1. Caroline kk (not verified)
      Sun, 2019-06-30 05:27

      i got good results after using this. Neem products are good for face. that's what most Indians use coz they are all smooth.

    2. vyonnevusha (not verified)
      Mon, 2019-05-27 09:02

      I was troubled by white spot on the lip and nose for many years. I tried many types of treatment but never got cured. I am currently using this and i can for sure see big improvement. Thanking you.

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