Masturbation Medications and Treatment

General Infomation

Masturbation is sexual stimulation of one's own genitals for sexual arousal or other sexual pleasure to the point of orgasm. The stimulation may involve hands, fingers, sex toys such as vibrators, or combinations of these.

Side effects of masturbation

Some studies have shown that masturbation has its own health benefits. However, just like anything else, excess of anything can be bad. Sugar might be sweet but excess of it can be very bad for our system. Same with salt or anything else.

Excessive masturbation can lead to
Anxiety disorders. Such has low self esteem, lack of concentration, inferiority complex.

Physical disorders such as muscle wasting, impotence, fatigue, penis shrinkage, erectile dysfunction, Stunted grown, hair loss among others.

Low Immunity Masturbation drains minerals from the body which are required to build strong immunity. People who masturbate excessively fall sick easily.


Treatment for Masturbation.

Masturbation treatment entails counseling to help break the habit. Sometimes this is not effective. If you cannot stop (due to habit) in-spite of sincere attempt to stop, then there are some herbal medicines to help you to break the habit.

At Neem Foundation, We have got a very effective remedy for helping one to stop masturbation. It is a combination of herbs derived from Maasai tribe of Kenya. Maasai have a wide knowledge of herbal medicine which they use to treat human and livestock diseasea.

To help young men to stop masturbation and become strong, they boiled roots of a tree called, Olkiloriti It was taken as an excitant by the moran before going on raids. It relaxes, calms and makes one brave.

From this knowledge, we have have researched and manufactured an herbal product called "TONER". Toner helps to block the desire to masturbate, makes one brave and strong. To order this product contact us through this phone number 0720760419.

By Austine on 10 May 2017

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