Cancer Causes Symptoms and Successful Natural Herbal Treatment


Thank you for visiting Neem Foundation Cancer treatment page. My Names are Hdr Judah Mwongo. This page is dedicated to educate, guide and enlighten people about the causes of cancer and how we have been able to treat it successfully by use of natural proteolytic enzymes, detoxification, de-worming and Repairing the DNA of affected cells in our clinic.

Our many years of service and practice as enabled us to gain vast knowledge which has enabled us to be ahead of the pack in treatment and reversal of Cancer by use of natural herbal therapy in Kenya.

We have tried many cancer treatment therapies such as Essiac tea, Black seed oil, etc but non worked except these two which we have adopted so far. These are John Beard's enzyme cancer treatment theory discovered over 100 years ago but was suppressed by pharmaceutical barons. It is only recently that scientists have acknowldged this theory after carrying out comprehensive research and proved him right.

Another theory which we adopted and which has helped us to unlock the puzzle of cancer is adopted from the book 'THE CURE FOR ALL ADVANCED CANCERS' by HULDA REGER CLACK,from America. In Her book she talks about DETOXIFYING the body to remove toxins, dyes and heavy metals acquired through pollution, unhealthy eating habits, contamination with pesticides and INFESTATION WITH PARASITES such as Tapeworms, Fluke worms etc. If you google "Parasites and Cancer" you will get a lot of information about how some cancers are brought about by parasites and how some cancers from 'tapeworms have been seen spread to humans.'

Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the world after heart attach. Cancer is described as uncontrolled abnormal growth of body cells that divide, infiltrate and destroy normal body tissue.

How We Treat All types Of Cancer In Our Foundation

As explained earlier, we treat cancer by applying both John beard's theory and Dr Huldar Regehr Clark formulations.

You can do your own research in google. Combination of these 2 according to our experience is the most effective treatment you will ever come across. You have a right to ask for an opinion from relatives and friends but let the final decision to be treated is yours.
John Beards Theory.
In this theory, Beard was able to reverse cancer by application of pancreatic enzymes to the tumors. He had observed that, the placenta of a pregnant woman stopped growing immediately the pancreas of the unborn child started producing trypsin and chemotrypin). This observation made him to try the enzymes on the cancerous tumors after which they started shrinking. His final discovery is that cancer starts developing inside a persons body where there are remains of placenta cells or where there are placenta like cells eg, HPV (Human papilloma Cells). These cells starts developing aggressively anywhere they are in the body when proteolytic enzymes production becomes low or when there is excessive progesterone hormone production than the proteolytic enzymes.

For treatment with John Beard's Theory. We have outsourced proteolytic enzymes Namely Trypsinogen, chymotrypsinogen and horseradish. A combination of these 3 is very powerful anti cancer and anti tumor. You get to see results in few days of using this combination.


DESCRIPTION: 120 Capsules:
Dosage: 2 capsules twice daily taken with water. Morning and evening

Special advice: Avoid

- Meat and its products such as soup, liver, Matumbo etc (red and white),

- Peanuts, Sunflower cooking oil,

- Avoid Alcohol

- Take fresh juices and fruits.

- Avoid Deep fried foods

Huldar Regehr Clark Theory: According to her theory which we have also applied successfully, Huldar emphasizes  the need to comprehensively detoxify the body from toxic chemicals and poisons such as vanadium,  Aflatoxins, Mercury, lead, Benzane etc. To some extent it makes sense when we reflect that doctors predicted and warned Kenyans of explosive cancer cases after maize with aflatoxin was sold to unsuspecting citizens 10 years ago. The formula she recommends and which we have uterized successfully is a combination of 4 powerful detoxifies.  See the product below.

2. DETOXIFIER                                  

DESCRIPTION: 120 Capsules:
Detoxifies the body from Impurities such as heavy metals, aflatoxins, lead poisoning, mercury dyes etc.
Key ingredients for powerful detoxification are.
Special advice: Avoid soft drinks, processed and preserved foods, etc. Take on empty stomach with at least 2 glasses of water.

- Glutathione - removes heavy metals

- methionine - removes heavy metals

- cysteine - removes heavy metals

- Glucuronic acid - removes harmful


Huldar Clark also emphasizes the need to give supplementation to repair the damaged body cells so that they can be able to metabolize and function well. She recommends these 3 ingredients:

3. DNA GUARD       

DESCRIPTION: 120 capsules.
- Beet root extract

- vitamin b12

- Co-enzyme q10.


Last but not the least, we have incorporated a very powerful de-wormer herbs that kills stubborn tapeworm and fluke worms which  science has also linked to most cancers. The good thing with internet is that one can google and verify these facts  from credible websites.


 DESCRIPTION: 120 Capsules.
 For Comprehensive de-worming of stubborn drug resistant worms.
 Dosage: Taken 2 capsules twice a day.
- Wormwood

- black walnut

- Clove 

Kindly contact us if you know someone with cancer and we will help him to recover completely. Our treatment comes with advice on which foods to avoid so that cancer can stop spreading immediately.  To book appointment call this phone number: +254 720 760 419 Consultation is 2500/= ksh


Complete recovery from chronic cancer can take a duration of up to nine months depending with grade of cancer. The earlier you come the better the chances of recovery.

Grade 1 and 2 cancer can take three months and up to 98% recovery rate

Grade 3 
cancer can  take up to six months and recovery rate of 90%

Grade 4 
cancer can take up to nine months
and recovery rate of 75%


Cost Implications of Our Cancer Treatment.

The medical costs of cancer treatment can take a toll on your health, your emotions, your time, your relationships, and your finances.

The good thing about our treatment is that one can start our cancer therapy at a very minimal fee (10% of what is required) or even free and pay later. 

You only need consultation fee of 2500/= ksh. Payments will be discussed later as the patient is recovering. What is more important at this point is to stop the cancer on it's track immediately and save a life pain and suffering. Recovery is rapid and results noticeable within a very short duration of time. This also gives someone time to prove efficacy of our treatment.

We do not sell cancer treatment online. The affected person should come to the clinic IN PERSON with a copy of all medical tests, scans, x-rays, biopsies and detailed information of other treatment one is undergoing etc. If someone is bedridden, then a close relative can come with them.

Why we don't sell our Supplements over the counter.

The reason is that some people might need additional supplementation used for special purposes. Such as being anemic  or having too much bleeding which should be stopped immediately. One may also have chronic pain or constipation which might need to be treated urgently with another type of herb.


Our cancer therapy is natural based and is not approved by pharmacy and poisons board of Kenya. It is not intended to be a replacement or substitute for other forms of conventional medical treatment.

We do not advice anyone against medical treatment. What we emphasize is that, one can start our cancer therapy immediately as they ponder the next move. Our therapy is very safe and in special occasions can be applied by people while still undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy.


Consultation is 2500/= ksh paid only once in life time.

Our Location. We are located at

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Nairobi CBD.

Signs and Symptoms of Cancer

Signs and symptoms of cancer varies depending on what part of the body is affected. I will feature cancers which we have helped to reverse successfully in our clinic.

CERVICAL CANCER: This is characterized by, frequent urination, pelvic pain, painful urination or during intercourse, unusual vaginal discharge which might be colored and smelly, abnormal breeding at middle of periods and breeding after menopause or after sex. 

THROAT CANCER: is characterized by difficulty swallowing or hoarseness of voice; Urge to clear the throat often.

BREAST CANCER: A lump or mass in the breast; Breast or nipple pain; nipple retraction or discharge; Skin irritation or itchy breasts; Lumps or nodes felt on or inside of the breast among others.

COLON CANCER: Also known as colorectal cancer: Chronic diarrhea or constipation; blood in stool; a feeling that your bowel doesn't empty completely; Persistent abdominal discomfort, such as cramps, gas or pain etc.

PROSTATE CANCER: Weak or interrupted urine flow or the need to strain to empty the bladder; The urge to urinate frequently at night; Blood in the urine; onset of erectile dysfunction; Pain or burning during urination; Discomfort or pain when sitting, caused by an enlarged prostate

LEUKEMIA: Fever or chills, Persistent fatigue; weakness; Frequent or severe infections; Losing
weight without trying; Swollen lymph nodes; enlarged liver or spleen; Easy bleeding or bruising; Recurrent nosebleeds; Tiny red spots in your skin (petechiae); Excessive sweating especially at night; Bone pain or tenderness



NAME: Beatrice:
AGE: 39 years
From: Ishiara Embu County

Diagnoses History:
Cancer of cervix with severe still erosion and palpable mass in lower abdomen.
- Had brown smelly discharge.
- Human Pappiloma Virus is reactive.
- Doctors recommendation: Radiotherapy/ Chemotherapy: Avoided radiotherapy/chemotherapy and opted for our treatment.


1st Review. 11th August 2015
Started Treatment in our clinic on 11th August 2015. O/P No. 1481/15
-. Has uterine mass,
- Vaginal discharge,dark brownish.

2nd review on 15th September 2015.
- Progressing very well. discharge stopped.
- Mass in uterus reduced by halve.

3rd review 17th October 2015
- Uterine mass still reducing in size.
- Feels rejuvenated and very energetic.
- No discharge.
- Brought mother for treatment of Hepatitis B.

4th Review 18th November 2015
Uterine mass reduced significantly by 3/4.
Still very energetic.
No discharge.

5th Review, 14th December 2015
- Uterine Mass Completely dissolved.
- Very strong and energetic.
- Thinks she. has been cured.
- Advised to undergo medical check up.

18TH December 2015.
Called to confirm that scan shows everything is normal. HPV test is Non reactive.

13th November 2019
- Called to confirm if we still operate. Wants to bring mother for treatment of another disease she had developed. Her mothers Hepatitis B got Cured after our treatment.
- Also clarified that she is still cancer free and she even gave birth to a health baby.


You can arrange to call or meet her physically so she can narrate her journey to you and see her medical records.


By Austine on 14 February 2015